Dream it. Create it.

Dream it. Create it.

Solo Web Services is all about helping you build your business and creating a website so you can better serve your customers.

We want to help you build your business and create a website to better serve your customers today

Ready to get started?

Here’s Our Process

Ready to get started?

Here’s Our Process

We Start Talking

Before we commit to working together, we need to get to know each other to make sure there is a fit. We need to understand who you are and you need to understand how we can work with you.

We Get Started

We start working on your project. We work with you to understand what is highest priority and can deliver the most benefit to you. We then look to deliver that unit of work.

We Start Delivering

We look to deliver pieces of work frequently and keep you informed at all stages. We charge a base rate for delivery of work, and bill you on completion of the unit of work.

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We charge a standard hourly rate for website development and support.

As the client, you decide what we deliver when, and how long you want to engage us for.

Our Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

Your project runs for as long or short as you need.

You just agree that you will pay the hourly rate for the confirmed piece of work. Simples!


No large scale delivery – your project runs for as long or short as you, the client, wishes.

You just agree to a simple contract stating you will pay the hourly rate for the confirmed piece of work.


Why partner with Solo Web Services?

Yes, there are lots of website development businesses out there. So, what sets us apart from them?

  • We specifically work with clients who range in size from startups to small businesses. We don’t get dragged into large projects that drain our resources so we can’t respond to quick requests from our customer base.
  • We provide expert and objective straight talking advice to help solve technological and business challenges. If it does not make sense, we call it out. We would prefer to reject a project by giving you the right advice now and not earn an income, rather than never see you again when your project fails to deliver.
  • We know that creating the digital experience for your customers is not just about creating a website with pretty pictures and a logo – we have to engage through all media channels. Everything has to work together. Unfortunately, these days, just having a website is not enough. We learn how to use technology innovation so you can reap the benefits.
  • We only charge for the hours you want us for. And that way we get to spend lots of time with you working out what is important to deliver now. We don’t go in for charging to build a website up front. We know things change as you see what is possible with your customer engagement. We also know that as a small business, your funds are not always predictable, so we work when you need us to be around.

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If you have your own questions that you want answers to, and if you think they are relevant to other small businesses, please use the contact form below.

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