Creating An Online Presence

The best thing your online presence can be is useful – to you and to your customers. It is no longer sufficient for you to advertise your products – you now need to be marketing the experience that your products bring.

Your online presence includes the website and the social media platforms (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, etc.). The website and social media platforms all need to be coordinated to work together, they all need to support each other. But you have to remember that more platforms utilised is not necessarily better. Different people look for different things from each of the sales channels.

Google penalizes any website that isn’t optimized for mobile devices. But that isn’t as bad as customers leaving – they will not return if your website does not operate on their mobile devices. With laptops and PCs the business was able to present lots of information. Now with smartphones, the space to display your message and the time you have to engage your audience is greatly reduced.


Website Platform

When building a website, we need to take care of three things:

  • Represent your brand in an exciting and attractive way;
  • It needs to tell a story – what is special about your company;
  • Convert visitors into customers and keep them engaged.


To get your website working you should:

  • Build a basic and flexible website that can be updated on the fly
  • Start populating your website with blog entries and news items
  • Bring small amounts of traffic to the website using current networks
  • Collect contact details of visitors
  • Gather information about how your visitors use and exit your website
  • Improve the layout, presentation and interaction of the website
  • Invest in visitor education, social media and advertising campaigns

Social Media Strategy

A social media marketing strategy is the process of attracting website traffic or attention through social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and others. You should choose the channels that have the most importance based on your brand’s goals and your target audience – avoid over complicating things with too many targets and objectives. Two or three platforms is usually sufficient.

The strategy focuses efforts on creating content (about services, products, events, your brand or company) that attracts attention and encourages readers and supporters to share that content across their own social networks. It is a way of creating “word of mouth” referrals to increase your brand exposure and broaden your customer reach. Approximately 90% of online shoppers believe product videos help them make a purchasing decision.

Businesses must be fully invested in their social media marketing strategies and focus on engagement with their audience, otherwise, you’ll lose out on real customers and the finances they bring to your business. Continuously analyzing your efforts to see how if a social media campaign works when compared with others.

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