Business Transformation

Business Transformation starts with the ability to track what has taken place in order to reach this point in the business’ history, knowing which events have made what impact, is valuable data. Then there is the future outlook: how does a company attempt to not only understand, but embrace the future? At Solo Web Services we look to technology to enable us to transform businesses to better align with future goals and customer expectations.

When transforming a business, we employ a simple method whereby we:

  • Review what to focus on – perform competitive analysis, and develop understanding of the user-base and business needs and objectives;
  • Turn insights into the priorities – prioritized a set of strategies that will have the most impact on our objectives;
  • Implement quick testable solutions that achieve the business objectives;
  • Measure success – Gather user feedback and validate against KPIs.


Everything is data. Data-centric organizations have the power to disrupt traditional ways of working and create new opportunities. Recognizing the value of data and putting insight-driven actions into the heart of the enterprise is the future. If you are not collecting data from the business now, you need to seriously consider how you are going to manage and adapt to the future.


We work specifically with small businesses and sole traders, ensuring that our clients come first and we stay focused on our principles:

  • Create meaningful solutions to real problems;
  • Make things better, make things simpler;
  • Have a positive impact on customers we interact with;
  • Collaborate and learn with our clients;
  • Think big, deliver results.


We look for the potential in ourselves, our clients and your aspirations. We want to make things better. And we want to contribute to the successful future of our clients.

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